IMPORTANT 600K Players, VIP Map Vote, IP Changes & More!

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    Good Evening / Morning,

    We are proud to announce the release of what we are calling "V2", version 2 of RainBox Gaming, which coincidentally ties in with us just passing the 600,000 players mark here at RainBox Gaming, a HUGE milestone!

    May i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played here at RainBox Gaming over the past two years! Sure we have been through the smooth and we have definitely been through the rough but you guys have stuck around and literally are the force behind what RainBox is today. Without the players playing on the servers i wouldn't be able to do what i love which is to provide a great gaming environment where everyone is welcome. We cannot forget the admins, the team who keep the servers the enjoyable place where everyone is welcome, without this broad range of admins on board helping who knows what trolls would lie within.

    Of course my biggest thanks are reserved for the VIPs who help keep RainBox online month after month, you as a community make this happen every month. The donations, the VIP purchases all help in keeping the servers online.

    The servers although still performing tremendously well were starting to feel a bit outdated, a little unloved, I and the rest of the team knew very quickly what was needed to spruce the place up a bit to keep RainBox Gaming at the very top of the global CSGO community scene.

    Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off on a couple of test servers to get everything all smooth before the copy pasta begins across our global server array, a few of you have had the privilege to experience before everyone else whilst helping us with the testing phase and thank you very much for all your help.

    Over the last 48 hours alot of you would of noticed that US 1 and 2 have suddenly gone offline, this is due to the host who provided us with the servers in the NYC location shutting down their dedicated server therefore, us losing our two most popular servers. Albeit bad news with a lot of extra work, this has provided us with a fantastic opportunity to increase our server base in the NYC which has now been fully completed.

    The result of all this above is the following:


    - We have setup 3 servers(2 rifle & 1 pistol) in NYC to replace the 2 servers which are now obsolete. These new servers are the pinnacle of game server hosting right now, great reg, great routing, great performance and are more then better than the outgoing servers.

    This has resulted in an IP change for our US 1 and 2 servers so please be sure to add the following IPs to your favorites.

    Retake US #1 [NYC/RIFLE] -
    Retake US #2 [NYC/RIFLE] -
    Retake US #3 [NYC/PISTOL] -
    Retake US #4 [ATL/RIFLE] -
    Retake US #5 [ATL/RIFLE] -
    Retake US #6 [ATL/PISTOL] -

    Due to adding another NYC server we have amended the numbering on the other east coast servers.

    - All servers should now be fully updated and be running our latest setup, we have added a couple of new features which i hope will enhance the player experience here at RainBox.

    At the end of the map a vote will commence for our VIP members to choose the next map in the cycle.

    PM SYSTEM - /pm
    We have introduced a PM system enabling you to add friends, send and receive messages and see who is your friends is currently playing on RainBox Gaming.​

    HELP MENU - /helpmenu
    For our newer members who maybe unsure of the available commands or the rules this information can now be seen easily by using this command.​

    Of course when introducing any new plugins or setups there are always going to be teething problems and issues that need correcting. Just let a member of the team know and will do our best to get it fixed as soon as possible if it is game breaking as such.

    Now lets get to 1 million shall we!

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  2. kak

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    Mar 17, 2017
    Great update on the servers, and very fun to play. Let's reach 1 million by the end of 2017!
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  3. Matthew

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    Oct 30, 2015
    Looks good! Thanks to the 600K players on RainBox! We wouldn't be this far without you!
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  4. Prodigious

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    Jun 30, 2016
    Amazing, just amazing. Thank you to all the players who play in our servers from all around the world. Thank you to all the VIP's who are a huge part of the RainBox community, who also help spread the word around to get VIP ! And thank you to all the Moderators, Server Administrators, Managers, Board of Directors and our Gaming Director for their hard work to help get RainBox to where it is now ! 1 Million coming soon !

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