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Sort of. I have managed for now to put up a couple of servers in each location to get the ball rolling again before i go to bed.

The management will be having a meeting on Saturday to talk about what we can do in the future to help us avoid the situation with the plugins etc being blacklisted by V.
A new update from Valve has temporarily put our game servers offline again. Of course running the plugins we run means we are always subject to these mishaps and Valve are punishing the community so much by continuing what they are doing.

I am working today but will get on it as soon as i get home to try and rectify and at least get a couple of servers online when i can for tonight.

Everyone is still a VIP as many have asked me this, the servers are simply going to be offline for 12 hours.

Please bear with us on this one.
Hey guys, so this morning was a massive update for CSGO. NUKE IS BACK & NEW SKINS

I have gone ahead and now added a few of the new skins to the !rb command on our servers. I have also added nuke into the map rotation several times, i will reduce the number of times nuke is played once the hype wears down a little bit.

Please note the spawns i have added on Nuke and Cache are just rough spawns for now, better to have a few spawns that work then no spawns at all right?

During the latest update cache spawns seemed to of been messed up also so i have now fixed them on all retake servers as well.


Today i got my hands on a little dedicated box in the middle of the US so decided why not see what the small but mighty box can punch out for our community. I have copied over the European DM FFA server so now we have a new US DM FFA to play with, so please no more moaning :p


This server is up right now for testing to see how well the little dedicated box can handle a volume of players. If it does well i will pay the small outlay each month to keep it up. Along with the DM i have also decided to add a US TS back into the mix as well.

[​IMG] Teamspeak US #1 us.rainboxgaming.com

Today we are changing the !ws plugin to one that uses the !rb command instead!
In light of valves recent banning wave over the banned plugins of !ws and !knife, we are doing all we can to keep our VIPs happy. From today i will start rolling out the !ws plugin for an alternative that we hope will keep valves eyes off us for the time being and to more importantly stop our servers getting blacklisted!

So what does this mean?
Simply instead of typing !ws type !rb instead. Alternatively i ask you all to bind your buyammo1 key and just press the button you bind it to instead as this will keep the chat spam of !rb down a lot.

Bind with this in console >> bind "," "buyammo1" << Pressing , should now bring up the same menu.

How can i help?!
If you can i ask all VIPs that are aware of the above to change to let other VIPs know about the change also.

Any problems do not hesitate in contacting our servers admins via support ticket on the website. They all should understand what is going on by now.

Also visit out knowledge base for the same information.

Knownledgebase < Click Here
Open a support ticket


Due to some upcoming website changes and plugins on our servers i have added a support ticket system here on our website to help you with any questions you may have during these changes. Most importantly there is also a Knowledge Base section as well where i will add FAQs so please check this before you submit a support ticket.

All servers admins will have access to answer, close and escalate any support ticket so hopefully someone will always be not too far away to answer and questions that you may have.

Any abuse of this system will result in website and server bans respectively.

View our knowledgebase - here
Submit a new support ticket - here

Last night valve decided to start blacklisting / revoking servers with the !ws and !knife plugins again as these plugins are against their terms and condition, so we have taken the steps to remove !knife plugin at least for now whilst i work on a work around for !ws.

I understand all VIPs probably joined because we have !ws and !knife however we would all rather have a server to play on then no servers at all right? I have always stated on the VIP page that the VIP perks are subject to change and if we had our way the plugins would be here to stay so don't come down hard on us for this please.

Everyone in the community knew we were rolling on borrowed time running these plugins on our servers.

So to clarify... !knife will NOT work anymore.


No one likes going on the servers and the bomb being in the same place and you knowing exactly where the enemy are coming from, so today we have implemented new spawns across the whole of the retake server farm.

The original spawns have stayed we have just added a lot of new CT spawns and T spawns across most of the maps. I hope this is a good addition to our efforts so far!


And breathe! Today i have added another addition to our ever expanding server farm and this time it's an addition for the US side of things.

The east coast is getting very fully every night so we are hoping this is a good addition and gives you guys some more slots to use and abuse at your own pleasure.




So I will be the new EU Community manager. I will help yessi out with finding admins and check if the current admins is active enough to keep their admin rights and administrate the community.

At the start of the role as a EU community manager I will be looking into the current admins in the EU and be judging them on their activity and how they live up to their admin role, some admins may be losing their admin access very soon and this opens a new chance for new admins on our community.

I think the most of you know who I am since I play alot on the retake servers. But for the people who don't know me. My name is Amin and I live in northern sweden. I am soon to be 21 years old.

So if you have any question about anything either email me on lindgrens@rainboxgaming.com or add me on steam and pm me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/91anKarlsson/ you can also do a reply in this post if you need me since I will check it daily. You can also find me on our teamspeak server when I am on.