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Good Evening / Morning,

We are proud to announce the release of what we are calling "V2", version 2 of RainBox Gaming, which coincidentally ties in with us just passing the 600,000 players mark here at RainBox Gaming, a HUGE milestone!

May i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played here at RainBox Gaming over the past two years! Sure we have been through the smooth and we have definitely been through the rough but you guys have stuck around and literally are the force behind what RainBox is today. Without the players playing on the servers i wouldn't be able to do what i love which is to provide a great gaming environment where everyone is welcome. We cannot forget the admins, the team who keep the servers the enjoyable place where everyone is welcome, without this broad range of admins on board helping who knows what trolls would lie within.

Of course my biggest thanks are reserved for the VIPs who help keep RainBox online month after month, you as a community make this happen every month. The donations, the VIP purchases all help in keeping the servers online.

The servers although still performing tremendously well were starting to feel a bit outdated, a little unloved, I and the rest of the team knew very quickly what was needed to spruce the place up a bit to keep RainBox Gaming at the very top of the global CSGO community scene.

Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off on a couple of test servers to get everything all smooth before the copy pasta begins across our global server array, a few of you have had the privilege to experience before everyone else whilst helping us with the testing phase and thank you very much for all your help.

Over the last 48 hours alot of you would of noticed that US 1 and 2 have suddenly gone offline, this is due to the host who provided us with the servers in the NYC location...

Due to a recent poll on the forum being so popular we have decided to remove Inferno from the mapcycle on our retake servers. The change will take effect as the servers update, change map and restart so it may be a short while before all servers stop putting inferno in the map cycle.

With the change we are also looking at the possibility of having a vote each month so one community map will enter the mapcycle each month also, this will give our players the much needed fresh air and enjoyment that a new, unknown map will automatically bring the community.

Before this is implemented however we are currently looking at ways to "skip" the map if the majority of the players on each server deem necessary, for this we will most likely be bring in a RTV, rock the vote, for our VIP players.


Hello everyone,

To further our growth, two new servers have been added in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. The new servers are TIER-3 standard compliant, giving everyone the best experience possible.

The servers have seen tremendous use already, despite the lack of formal announcement. If you wish to contribute to keeping our servers online and assisting our expansion, please consider purchasing VIP; one new VIP can keep a server online for a month.

[​IMG] NL #1
[​IMG] NL #2


Hello everyone,

So today i purchased a license for our teamspeak server to allow us to grow the limit from 32 slots (unlicensed) to 64 slots (licensed). Hopefully this increase is slots will enable more of our users to use our server without fear of not being able to join. It will also mean more admins will be on and available more of the time :)

This increase wasn't cheap as always.. it was $55 for the year for anyone who is asking. If you want to help and give towards this payment please just submit a donation :) Every little really does help!

Servers Server Crashes

After the latest CSGO update on the 18-08 all CSGO community servers are experiencing random crashes. This isn't just our servers but a lot of other servers out there in the community, we are not sure of the reason nor the fix.

We like everyone else have to sit tight and wait for a fix on this issue.


Servers New Plugins
Hello All,

Today we have got our custom weapon menu up and running on the majority of our servers, this plugin lets players choose a more varied variety of weapons to play with on our retakes. It also enables us to easily add / remove guns if and when we please in the future.

We have also added the bomb site announcement hint on all servers other then the US 1 and 2 as they need sourcemod updating.

I'll post more in detail post tomorrow.

Buts its 2:30am and i have work at 8:30 so :O


So today Mr. 4rmyy ♥ suggested why don't we add some 64 tick game servers so you guys can warmup on our retakes before you play your game of Match Making... now this being a brilliant idea and kudos to Mr. 4rmyy ♥ again for suggesting it, i have launched 3 64 tick servers for you guys to get on - 1 in the EU (France) and 2 in the US (East). Now if these servers to become popular we may add another one or two where we feel necessary.

[​IMG] EU #7 Rifle [64 Tick] -
[​IMG] US #7 Rifle [64 Tick] -

[​IMG] US #8 Rifle [64 Tick] -


In addition to this every server now has either | 64 Tick | or | 128 Tick | in it's server name and as well as on the servers page so you guys can clearly see which is which. You can also use net_graph 2 i think it is which will give you either 64.0 or 128.0 in the bottom...

Today we have got a few more servers online on our new dedicated box located in Atlanta, USA. Our new dedicated box boasts a decent 16GB ram with dual xeon cpus and pretty insane connectivity to all parts of the US. We aim to setup a deathmatch server along with a US surf on this new dedicated box too.

As always these boxes and new servers can only be provided with the great support you all give by donating and becoming VIP players :) so thank you once again.

[​IMG] US #5 Rifle -

[​IMG] US #6 Rifle -

[​IMG] US #7 Pistol -


The faster we grow as a community, the faster things are changing, over the last couple of months we have grown by a hell of a lot. To accommodate we've added an admin here and an admin there, we've added more game servers in different locations to try and give everyone great latency to our servers, we've even sadly removed servers that wasn't getting used to there full potential but most importantly of all we have had to change who helps keeps the servers online and how we manage the servers overall to keep them performing.

Over the next couple of days and weeks RainBox will be going under the knife for some major surgery to our arteries. We will start by getting rid of the poorly performing and original servers, EU 1,2 & 3, and replacing them with top class performing ones to match our others. Also at this time, out of courtesy, will be bringing back a Swedish server to our server farm to keep everyone happy as can be in Nordic regions. I will keep working with Kromann on the SURF server side of things and add a few more maps to the rotation, again this server is still being tested so bare with us.

Secondly comes the website. With our site hosted on our own dedicated box which hosts EU 1-3, when these get changed the site will have to be moved as well. This is a huge job for us to do behind the scenes and we will keep downtime to an absolute minimum. To give you an idea our web server pretty much is the backbone to the RainBox server farm, it hosts everything from our control panels, stats, bans, adverts.. literally everything and getting everything perfectly setup on the other end is never an easy task.

Thirdly comes the admin overhaul. We get a lot of comments daily about how no one see's any admins online and how it's really is the one thing that is currently letting the RainBox community down, well first lets apologies, it is something i have overlooked but now i aim to put it...


Today it has come to our attention that due to a vulnerability in the admin system a player had managed to get admin privileges on our servers. Due to this the player in question,"AimLock", went on a banning spree and banned players who were on the server at the same time as him for no good reason. I'd like to let you all know that we have unbanned the players that were banned and banned the player in question permanently from the RainBox Gaming Network.

We apologize to the players that got banned and thank you for posting to our forums regarding the issue so quickly. We are also sorry it took the time it did to get the issue rectified.