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Good Evening / Morning,

We are proud to announce the release of what we are calling "V2", version 2 of RainBox Gaming, which coincidentally ties in with us just passing the 600,000 players mark here at RainBox Gaming, a HUGE milestone!

May i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played here at RainBox Gaming over the past two years! Sure we have been through the smooth and we have definitely been through the rough but you guys have stuck around and literally are the force behind what RainBox is today. Without the players playing on the servers i wouldn't be able to do what i love which is to provide a great gaming environment where everyone is welcome. We cannot forget the admins, the team who keep the servers the enjoyable place where everyone is welcome, without this broad range of admins on board helping who knows what trolls would lie within.

Of course my biggest thanks are reserved for the VIPs who help keep RainBox online month after month, you as a community make this happen every month. The donations, the VIP purchases all help in keeping the servers online.

The servers although still performing tremendously well were starting to feel a bit outdated, a little unloved, I and the rest of the team knew very quickly what was needed to spruce the place up a bit to keep RainBox Gaming at the very top of the global CSGO community scene.

Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off on a couple of test servers to get everything all smooth before the copy pasta begins across our global server array, a few of you have had the privilege to experience before everyone else whilst helping us with the testing phase and thank you very much for all your help.

Over the last 48 hours alot of you would of noticed that US 1 and 2 have suddenly gone offline, this is due to the host who provided us with the servers in the NYC location...

Hello everyone,

So today i purchased a license for our teamspeak server to allow us to grow the limit from 32 slots (unlicensed) to 64 slots (licensed). Hopefully this increase is slots will enable more of our users to use our server without fear of not being able to join. It will also mean more admins will be on and available more of the time :)

This increase wasn't cheap as always.. it was $55 for the year for anyone who is asking. If you want to help and give towards this payment please just submit a donation :) Every little really does help!

Servers Server Crashes

After the latest CSGO update on the 18-08 all CSGO community servers are experiencing random crashes. This isn't just our servers but a lot of other servers out there in the community, we are not sure of the reason nor the fix.

We like everyone else have to sit tight and wait for a fix on this issue.



Today we have got a few more servers online on our new dedicated box located in Atlanta, USA. Our new dedicated box boasts a decent 16GB ram with dual xeon cpus and pretty insane connectivity to all parts of the US. We aim to setup a deathmatch server along with a US surf on this new dedicated box too.

As always these boxes and new servers can only be provided with the great support you all give by donating and becoming VIP players :) so thank you once again.

[​IMG] US #5 Rifle -

[​IMG] US #6 Rifle -

[​IMG] US #7 Pistol -

Today we have added new spawns and finally added New Nuke to our mapcycle for all of our retakes servers. Now please, the spawns may not be perfect to begin with so if you do find that one isn't working so well or it is too far away etc please let us know kindly.

In a weeks time we will take all suggestions and see what is what and amend as necessary.


Starting from last year i released the VIP status to everyone for a chance for them to help me keep the servers online and continue our strong growth long into the future and this week we hit a humongous milestone of over 1000 active VIP players who have and will continue to help RainBox Gaming stay online for good!

The support and income from every single VIP really does help me keep the servers up and running every month! The cost to run this small network is not cheap at all and looking into the future this cost will only increase as we aim to go truly global by adding new locations like Australia, Brazil and Canada into the mix. But one thing remains, RainBox would not be where we are today without these valuable VIP players, there was a time when i left my previous job that the pot ran dry and the only reason we are still online today is thanks to the generosity and kindness from our community.

Thank you to everyone!
For the time being i have setup another Swedish server and gave our old hosts another go to see if they can perform this time around. By the fact within 5 minutes of me making the server live and it being full i can see there is clearly a want for it!! :)

Let me know if you guys enjoy the low ping servers :)

Sort of. I have managed for now to put up a couple of servers in each location to get the ball rolling again before i go to bed.

The management will be having a meeting on Saturday to talk about what we can do in the future to help us avoid the situation with the plugins etc being blacklisted by V.
A new update from Valve has temporarily put our game servers offline again. Of course running the plugins we run means we are always subject to these mishaps and Valve are punishing the community so much by continuing what they are doing.

I am working today but will get on it as soon as i get home to try and rectify and at least get a couple of servers online when i can for tonight.

Everyone is still a VIP as many have asked me this, the servers are simply going to be offline for 12 hours.

Please bear with us on this one.
Hey guys, so this morning was a massive update for CSGO. NUKE IS BACK & NEW SKINS

I have gone ahead and now added a few of the new skins to the !rb command on our servers. I have also added nuke into the map rotation several times, i will reduce the number of times nuke is played once the hype wears down a little bit.

Please note the spawns i have added on Nuke and Cache are just rough spawns for now, better to have a few spawns that work then no spawns at all right?

During the latest update cache spawns seemed to of been messed up also so i have now fixed them on all retake servers as well.