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Good Evening / Morning,

We are proud to announce the release of what we are calling "V2", version 2 of RainBox Gaming, which coincidentally ties in with us just passing the 600,000 players mark here at RainBox Gaming, a HUGE milestone!

May i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played here at RainBox Gaming over the past two years! Sure we have been through the smooth and we have definitely been through the rough but you guys have stuck around and literally are the force behind what RainBox is today. Without the players playing on the servers i wouldn't be able to do what i love which is to provide a great gaming environment where everyone is welcome. We cannot forget the admins, the team who keep the servers the enjoyable place where everyone is welcome, without this broad range of admins on board helping who knows what trolls would lie within.

Of course my biggest thanks are reserved for the VIPs who help keep RainBox online month after month, you as a community make this happen every month. The donations, the VIP purchases all help in keeping the servers online.

The servers although still performing tremendously well were starting to feel a bit outdated, a little unloved, I and the rest of the team knew very quickly what was needed to spruce the place up a bit to keep RainBox Gaming at the very top of the global CSGO community scene.

Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off on a couple of test servers to get everything all smooth before the copy pasta begins across our global server array, a few of you have had the privilege to experience before everyone else whilst helping us with the testing phase and thank you very much for all your help.

Over the last 48 hours alot of you would of noticed that US 1 and 2 have suddenly gone offline, this is due to the host who provided us with the servers in the NYC location...

So today Mr. 4rmyy ♥ suggested why don't we add some 64 tick game servers so you guys can warmup on our retakes before you play your game of Match Making... now this being a brilliant idea and kudos to Mr. 4rmyy ♥ again for suggesting it, i have launched 3 64 tick servers for you guys to get on - 1 in the EU (France) and 2 in the US (East). Now if these servers to become popular we may add another one or two where we feel necessary.

[​IMG] EU #7 Rifle [64 Tick] -
[​IMG] US #7 Rifle [64 Tick] -

[​IMG] US #8 Rifle [64 Tick] -


In addition to this every server now has either | 64 Tick | or | 128 Tick | in it's server name and as well as on the servers page so you guys can clearly see which is which. You can also use net_graph 2 i think it is which will give you either 64.0 or 128.0 in the bottom...

It's my great pleasure in announcing that today we have hit the big 100k!!! 100,000 players!!!!
Thank you to all the players that have played on the RainBox Gaming network through the life time of our servers being online, i can only thank every single one of you for making the RainBox community we have what it is today!! I hope i have held up my end of the bargain and kept the servers up to a decent standard, with your help i aim to continue to grow the network into a global enterprise of gaming servers catering for all games be it small or large!

Now we have hit the 100k you shall all be seeing some big changes coming here soon, more plugins for our VIPs of which we now have over 400 and more servers in more locations across the globe! Of course without you all helping me with donations and viewing our adverts this will not be possible so keep it up and i will keep what we have here for the long future!




Today it has come to our attention that due to a vulnerability in the admin system a player had managed to get admin privileges on our servers. Due to this the player in question,"AimLock", went on a banning spree and banned players who were on the server at the same time as him for no good reason. I'd like to let you all know that we have unbanned the players that were banned and banned the player in question permanently from the RainBox Gaming Network.

We apologize to the players that got banned and thank you for posting to our forums regarding the issue so quickly. We are also sorry it took the time it did to get the issue rectified.


If you aren't already aware via the announcement on our steam group (join here) then we are currently testing the new knives out on a couple of the retakes we have online.

The new shadow boxing knives can be found on the following servers, simply type !knifes and scroll to the next page to find it option. They also fully work with the skin plugin we operate.

- UK #1
- EU #5
- US #2

There are currently known issues and bugs!!! We highly recommend only using cl_righthand 1 as with the guns in the left hand your screen can go pretty crazy when using them and spectating someone with them as well. This is a valve issue and not the plugin we use one.

We have decided to change the US 1v1 server we currently have sponsored by VPP Gaming Network, and have it replace US #1 and make it into a retake server instead... why?! The reasoning is simple... we would rather use the resources we have to there full capacity and have a full server all the time rather then a server that only has 10 or so players a day on it.

We hope you like the decision and play on the new US server we have setup instead for you! We will look into whether we keep a 1v1 server online in the US in the coming days.

I have already updated the server list.. the US #1 is the new server.

Hello all!

We are growing bigger and bigger and today we grew some more with an additional 2 new servers being added to our collection of retake servers. We have decided to go outside the box and position these servers in different locations to the normal Germany locations to help get the biggest audience we can but still maintaining low low pings!

As well as 2 retakes we have also opened up our first USA 1v1 Arena Server!

Please remember to add these servers to your favourites!!!!!

New Servers
EU - FRANCE - [Retake #6] - CONNECT HERE


USA - NEW YORK - [Arena #1 1v1] CONNECT HERE

You may be asking well why so many retakes?! Well do not worry, i am in the process of creating a DM FFA server as well so bare with me!

Thanks for playing!