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Good Evening / Morning,

We are proud to announce the release of what we are calling "V2", version 2 of RainBox Gaming, which coincidentally ties in with us just passing the 600,000 players mark here at RainBox Gaming, a HUGE milestone!

May i take this opportunity to thank everyone who has played here at RainBox Gaming over the past two years! Sure we have been through the smooth and we have definitely been through the rough but you guys have stuck around and literally are the force behind what RainBox is today. Without the players playing on the servers i wouldn't be able to do what i love which is to provide a great gaming environment where everyone is welcome. We cannot forget the admins, the team who keep the servers the enjoyable place where everyone is welcome, without this broad range of admins on board helping who knows what trolls would lie within.

Of course my biggest thanks are reserved for the VIPs who help keep RainBox online month after month, you as a community make this happen every month. The donations, the VIP purchases all help in keeping the servers online.

The servers although still performing tremendously well were starting to feel a bit outdated, a little unloved, I and the rest of the team knew very quickly what was needed to spruce the place up a bit to keep RainBox Gaming at the very top of the global CSGO community scene.

Behind the scenes we have been working our socks off on a couple of test servers to get everything all smooth before the copy pasta begins across our global server array, a few of you have had the privilege to experience before everyone else whilst helping us with the testing phase and thank you very much for all your help.

Over the last 48 hours alot of you would of noticed that US 1 and 2 have suddenly gone offline, this is due to the host who provided us with the servers in the NYC location...
Plugins NoScope Plugin

Good Morning,

We are pleased to announce a short but sweet little addition added to the servers today. We all know that when a noscope goes down you've got to hand it to man wielding the weapon so from today onwards the server will automatically post a message notifying you a noscope has just been hit and the distance it occurred.


As always we are always to add new exciting plugins to our servers and although this is one that will hardly change the meta of retakes, its small and discreet.


We are pleased to announce that we have implemented the new discord integration to our website. The new addition enables users to predominantly receive the relevant permissions on our Discord server based on their user group on our website i.e Becoming a VIP will now automatically cross over to both our game servers and our discord near enough instantly.

Another good part of the feature is any new announcement thread posted on our website will automatically be posted to our #announcement page on our Discord server, this is also the same for ban appeals and ban reports.

  • Allow registration/login through the Discord Oauth system.
  • Assign roles to Discord based on user group on our website.
  • Post new threads, replies and status updates to channels to our Discord from the website directly.
Of course for this feature to work you need to make sure you have linked your Discord to our website. If you are unsure how please follow our guide below.

View for more information...

Today we are hoping we have finally fixed all problems with our !takeknife plugin which had been haunting our servers for a long time now. From now on the !takeknife command shall be reserved as a VIP only feature, if you see any problems going forward and non VIPs being able to use the command please bring it to the attention of one of our admins at the earliest convenience.

For those of you also asking, if you wish to reset your knife setting at any time, simple use the !resetknife command to default your knife.

Thanks to labiteQ for helping us out on this one.

Happy Fraggin,

Hello All,

It has been brought to our attention that the Terrorist side has a slight-advantage due to the number of utilities. Due to this, we have now changed our setup to the following:
  • C4 Timer from "35s" to "40s"
  • Max T-Side Flashbangs from "2" to "1"
  • Max T-Side HE Grenade from "2" to "1"
  • Max Team Smoke from "1" to "1"
  • Max Team Molotov from "1" to "1"
We would like to thank you, the players, for leaving us feedback on our servers to make our servers a more enjoyable experience.

Best Regards,

John Kovac

Good Morning,

We are excited to say we have finally finished the introduction stage of the new !printdmg plugin we have developed across all of our retake servers world wide. This new plugin was developed, with help from (LabiteQ, yeSsi & zipcore) due to community feedback from @Cryptic , the plugin is designed to give users the option to show how much damage their bullets did at round end, as per below.

As you can see from the above screenshot we understand that this feature may not be to everyones taste so we have added the option for each user to toggle the printdmg print out in chat. After a few teething problems, as you can expect with a brand new plugin, this is now fully working however please note client preferences is saved on a server by server basis.

We hope this new plugin shows you where we are heading with RainBox Gaming with new, exciting ideas that the majority of the community will find useful to them at some stage. As always please let us know your opinion and thoughts on this.

Keep Fraggin!


To continue our outstanding growth we have decided to add a brand new server location of Copenhagen, Denmark to our vast server network.. The new servers here are TIER-3 standard compliant giving everyone the best experience possible in terms of latency and are only hosted on dedicated gaming resources.

The servers we hope will allow our Danish players to play with slightly better ping to further enhance their RainBox Gaming experience. . If you wish to contribute to keeping our servers online and assisting our expansion, please consider purchasing VIP; one new VIP can keep a server online for a month.

[​IMG] DK #1

[​IMG] DK #2

To continue our outstanding growth, we have added an additional retake server to our Stockholm, Sweden location. The new servers here are TIER-3 standard compliant giving everyone the best experience possible in terms of latency and are only hosted on dedicated gaming resources.

The servers have seen tremendous use already, despite the lack of formal announcement. If you wish to contribute to keeping our servers online and assisting our expansion, please consider purchasing VIP; one new VIP can keep a server online for a month.

[​IMG] SWE #1

[​IMG] SWE #2

Due to a recent poll on the forum being so popular we have decided to remove Inferno from the mapcycle on our retake servers. The change will take effect as the servers update, change map and restart so it may be a short while before all servers stop putting inferno in the map cycle.

With the change we are also looking at the possibility of having a vote each month so one community map will enter the mapcycle each month also, this will give our players the much needed fresh air and enjoyment that a new, unknown map will automatically bring the community.

Before this is implemented however we are currently looking at ways to "skip" the map if the majority of the players on each server deem necessary, for this we will most likely be bring in a RTV, rock the vote, for our VIP players.

CSGO UPDATES - 12/01/2017
  • Team stickers, stickers autographed by professional CS:GO players, and all-new team graffiti are available for purchase in-game and from the Steam Community Market, with 50% of the proceeds going to players and organizations. For more details, visit http://www.counter-strike.net/pickem/atlanta2017
  • Team stickers can be used as game pieces for the Atlanta 2017 Team Pick’Em Challenge.
    • Group stage picks can be made immediately, Playoff picks can be made when the group stage has completed.
    • Group stage picks lock at the start of the group stage matches.
    • Playoff picks lock at the start of the first Playoff matches.
  • Players killed during grenade-throwing animation will no longer drop a duplicate grenade if that grenade has already been thrown.
  • func_breakables will no longer make noise when hits deal no damage.
  • Added a server setting sv_steamauth_enforce to allow tournament organizers for LAN events to delay player kick due to No Steam Logon client issue until the end of a live round when tournament match will automatically pause and a round backup with all correct information will be saved for reconnect.
  • Lowered volume of bullet-bys and bullet impacts.
  • Changed default weapon near/far crossfade max distance so that a slight perceived volume bump doesn’t happen at crossfade junctions.
  • Also lowered volume of distant weapons slightly to address the same issue.
  • Slightly increased the min distance of the falloff so that 3rd parties can hear max volume at about 1m away from shooter.
  • Increased the input curve amount so that rate of volume decay over distance is more pronounced.
  • Added descriptions to many mixer groups.
  • Fixed various...